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Family Friendly Motel


Are you looking for the perfect family-friendly getaway this year? Do you want to enjoy a vacation with BIG views at a LOW price? The Seagull Bay is a Lakeside Motel in Bayfield, WI. Family owned and operated, we are proud to offer our services as the best family friendly motel in the region.

Nestled on the banks of Lake Superior, The Seagull Bay gives front-row views to The Apostle Islands from all 32 of our rooms. Beautiful decks, rustic-yet-delightful rooms, and views that go on for days are the primary calling cards at our family-friendly motel.

What other ways can we invite our guests to enjoy themselves during a stay in Bayfield?

  • Affordable Dogsledding Adventures - We are proud to work with Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing to provide safe and accessible dog sledding packages to families that want to experience a different kind of adventure. Small Litter and Large Litter packages are available to accommodate varying group sizes.

  • Peace and Relaxation - We wouldn't be the best motel in Bayfield if we didn't leave all of our guests satisfied with their stay. We have 9 PM to 9 AM noise moderation to retain comfort for all guests. In addition to our dog-friendly motel policies, The Seagull Bay does everything possible to ensure our guests are happy and content throughout their stay.

  • Small Town Community - Bayfield is a small and quiet town located right on Wisconsin Highway 13. With fewer than 500 permanent residents, there is always a sense of serenity in the air. Free from corporations, traffic congestion, and crowds, visitors are free to enjoy their stay, their way.

The Seagull Bay is more than A Lakeside Motel. We are proud to act as a hub for families to make memories, for friends to strengthen bonds, and for those in love to come together for a beautiful vacation.

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