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But first, coffee!

Let's start this blog by getting a raise of hands. Who needs (and wants) coffee all day, every day? I know I do! We have the cutest little coffee shop right here in Bayfield. Kickapoo Coffee is a small company that started right here in Wisconsin. Keep scrolling to check out the cute vibe that Kickapoo brings.

When you swing open the door at Kickapoo, you are always greeted with a warm smile, and if you're a local, they even know you by name and by drink. Kickapoo has all sorts of beverages, and their coffee is all roasted by solar power! They have some killer go-to's as well as some fantastic handcrafted seasonal beverages. Don't forget to check out the local bakery items from Ashland Baking Co. and some locally made extras scattered all around.

Kickapoo has a relaxing, bright feel as you enter the lounge. A space to kick back and relax, or if you choose to get into the grind of work time, Kickapoo is the place to be.

So what do you say, meet me at Kickapoo?

Alysa Rene Photography

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