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Can't go wrong with anything here...

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The BEST of the Bayfield Candy Shoppe

We say "Best" of the Candy Shoppe, but in reality, there truly isn't a baked creation that shouldn't be on this list. From the vast array of chocolates and brittles to the expansive ice cream list, it's hard to make a choice! Here's our best shot, though.

Owners, Dan and Bev, have been running the Candy Shoppe for years.


With the wide variety of fruit fillings, no one will be left disappointed by this wine bread. As Isaac's Grandma Kathryn says, "Rich, filling, and decadent, they are the ideal pairing for an excellent wine for a night on the deck looking at the view.

Peanut Butter Brownies

One of the Candy Shoppe's best-kept secrets is their delicious peanut butter brownies. These are no run of the mill box-mix brownies. Baked in between the layers of chocolate brownie, peanut butter, and chocolate frosting is a whole lotta love. Bev, co-owner and baker extraordinaire, typically makes these on the weekends so make sure to stop in then.

Let's talk pies. These incredible baking creations are deliciously crafted with our homegrown Bayfield Orchards. Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, and of course the Apple Pies- an essential especially in Apple Fest season.

Ice Cream in a Homemade Waffle Cone

It isn't a complete trip to Bayfield without a Waffle Cone from The Candy Shoppe. Handmade and delicious what would usually be considered a tasty vehicle for ice cream these waffle cones nearly steal the show. Make sure you get a malted milk ball at the bottom of your cone, so you don't have to cry when you finish your last lick of ice cream.

Cinnamon Roll

And last but not least – the roll that puts all other rolls to shame! The Candy Shoppe's massive cinnamon rolls are soft, thick, and covered in a blanket of addictive frosting. A definite must-eat during your Bayfield vacation.

Note: to secure the roll of your dreams, make sure you put in an order a few days prior if you hope to have one (or more!) on the weekends and come in during the morning during weekdays. They go fast!

Xsperience Photography

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