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Career change for a better "family life"...

Jeannine Marie Photography

And this is where it all began... this photo was taken a month before the big move to Bayfield, Wisconsin from the Twin Cities in June of 2017. It was just the three of us then... Isaac, Mollie, and Axel. We were in search of a more purpose-driven family life and expecting baby #2 later that summer! Isaac hung up his helmet and retired from his life long dream of being a big-city firefighter and paramedic. Mollie's full-time gig as a wedding hair and makeup artist soon became a side hustle, while running the motel and caring for the two little ones at home. We took ownership just two days after moving into Isaac's parent's house while we flipped our "little bungalow" we now call home. We showed up to work excited and scared. Luckily, we were standing next to the former owners, Mike and Jeanne Goodier. Mike and Jeanne had created an incredible feeling of love and belonging at The Seagull Bay Motel. They held our hands and stood by our side through the transition process. Mike and Jeanne were also second on the call list when Mollie went into labor the beginning of August (one of the craziest times of the year). The Goodiers mentored us through season one and are always just a phone call away. We are forever grateful for their blood, sweat, tears, and love they put into the motel for 22 years!

Emenee Studios

As the first winter approached, we did not know what to expect. We also now had two little ones at home that need attention and care. This was indeed a balancing act, and fortunately, we had family support that helped a great deal also. We didn't realize how fast the winter goes by! Year two started with a bang, and we had a wonderful crew behind us ( Mike and Jeanne on speed dial, in case of emergencies) but guess what we did it! We made it on our own with only a few calls to Mike and relying heavily on our staff and family to fill in the gaps. Honestly, our biggest saving grace was our guests and the patience they showed us during the transition period.

Xsperience Photagraphy

Winter two came along, and we did not slow down. We took on a few significant projects... painting all the interiors of the rooms, one brand new guest bathroom, a remodeled lobby/office, fresh linen on all the beds, and lots of extra touches here and there. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to pick out bedding for 44 queen beds and12 twin beds! (Thank you, Faribault Woolen Mills). In the spring, we followed up our significant projects with painting the whole exterior of the motel as well as rebranding the motel, and every little detail that comes with it (emails, websites, social media, etc.).

Xsperience Photagraphy

We're now finishing up our third season and cannot believe how fast time the time went! We will continue to keep you in the loop... so, stay tuned; we have so much more in store for you!

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