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Hike St Peter's Dome & Morgan Falls

As the weather begins to change here in Bayfield the outdoors begin to look like a scene from a postcard. Before the first frost, a trip to Marengo, about 45 minutes South of Bayfield, is something to check off of your bucket list. Saint Peter's Dome brings you to the highest point in the Chequamegan Nicolet National Forest. With a view just about 1,600 feet above elevation, you can see as far as 20 miles on a clear day!

Saint Peter's Dome and Morgan Falls Hikes both begin on the same trail, offering scenic views and adventure for people of all ages. The shorter of the two hikes, Morgan Falls, is about 3/4 of a mile one way. The accessible trail has an even terrain, with a boardwalk which makes for a nice walk. When you make it to the end you will come to the 70 foot falls. With stunning views, a shorter walk, and a flat walking surface this trail is perfect for everyone!

If you are up for more of adventure, the hike to Saint Peter's Dome is one worth taking! The trail is nearly 2 miles one way, with exposed rocks and steep slopes. As you walk across several small bridges, up hillsides and across small streams you are truly in nature. During the fall season (the end of August through mid October) the foliage is abundant, the temperatures are perfect and the sun peers perfectly through the trees without getting too hot. Although it is a long hike to the top, the pathways are lined with colorful leaves making for many photo opportunities. When you reach the top you will get spectacular views of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. The overlook stretches as far as 20 miles on a clear day and the tree tops during autumn are a beautiful mixture of ginger orange, maroon red, and canary yellow shades. Toddlers and adults have made the hike to the top, time frames dependent upon skill level. Allowing yourself at least 3 hours to complete the hike would be ideal.


A day pass to park at Saint Peter's Dome is $5, there is a small drop box located at the trail entrance, along with a map of the trails. You can also purchase a $30 year round pass. Pets are allowed on the trail so long as they are kept on a leash and picked up after! Bathrooms are located at the beginning of the trail as well. Whether you are a local, a visitor, or just someone passing through and enjoy hiking a trip to Saint Peter's Dome and Morgan Falls won't disappoint.

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