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Jump into Spring in Bayfield!

Spring is here!! Our summer season is about to begin, it’s one of the best times of year to visit Bayfield, WI. Let us help you build the perfect weekend or mid-week trip for your family.

Walking downtown in this dreamy small town will no doubt put a smile on your face. Wake up in our quality bedding to the ever changing Lake Superior. Meander on the brownstone trail just outside your room to downtown Bayfield. Grab a coffee at either Gale Force Coffee or Wonderstate Coffee. As you head towards the water enjoy some deep breathes of the Lake Superior air. Sitting on the pier with your coffee, you aren’t worried about the time or distractions of life. You are in the now, just enjoying the delicious coffee with your family. This magical town has so many fun activities to offer, whether you’re a family that plans the whole weekend or one that just loves to look at the lake, we are here for you! Below are some Bayfield Spring and Summer activities...

  • Berry picking and more fun for the whole family at Blue Visa Farm

  • There are so many hiking trails in the area! From Cornucopia to St. Peters Dome in Marengo, we can lead you in the right direction for your family!

Stay tuned with our blog as we dig deeper into these adventures and help you decide on your summer activities!!


Cassie Rosch

Xsperience Photography

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