Our Story like you've never seen before. Bayfield, WI

That year Isaac got this crazy idea of moving to "the best town in the Midwest.” aka Bayfield, WI Mollie thought it was going to be a pipedream and he would quickly move past it. Yet, doors kept opening and we finally found Seagull Bay Motel in Bayfield, WI. It took months of prep, selling our house, Isaac finishing his lifelong dream of being a firefighter, and at the time Mollie was 7 months pregnant. Oh yeah, Axel, our oldest hadn't even turned 1 yet. We moved in only 2 weeks before Ridge was born. It was a quick transition to Bayfield but so worth it.

We are so excited to share with you our new VIDEO! Biggest thanks to our friend Jasper for making this all happen. Check out more of Jasper's work here.

Seagull Bay - A Lakeside Motel

Bayfield, WI