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"Our" Top 5 Fall Activities in Bayfield...

Starting in with number one on our list is fall colors. Anywhere and everywhere you look the autumn is around in full bloom in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Apple Picking is everywhere around Bayfield. There are a lot of orchards to choose from, and you cannot go wrong. Blue Vista, Bayfield Apple Co., and Hauser's Farm are a couple of orchards we can suggest off the top of our heads.

If relaxing is more your theme to the weekend, grab a good book. We love the Apostle Islands Booksellers and enjoy the relaxing vibe of Bayfield cuddled up next to the lakeshore views.

If you are into more adventure – grab your hiking gear and head out to Myers Beach. The beginning of the trail is wooded and full of color. Once you reach the lakeshore, the stunning views will shine in fall reds, oranges, yellows, and the fantastic blue water tops off the gorgeous view! You even get to see the famous sea caves on this hiking trip.

Have you heard of Bayfield's Apple Festival? It has been around for 58 years! It was named one of the top 10 best fall festivals by USA TODAY. Parade, vendors, carnival, and over 60,000 people.

1. Fall Colors.

2. Apple picking at any of the many orchards.

3. Apostle Island's Booksellers.

4. Myers Beach Hike.

5. Bayfield's Apple Festival

Take our advice we live the daily life here in the beautiful fall of Bayfield. And – love every second of it – and so do our little boys. We hope to see you soon!

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