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Rainy days in Bayfield, are still fun-filled.

When you plan your vacation to Bayfield, you are not planning for a rainy day or two. Mother nature has a mind of her own and sometimes she throws us for a loop. So we wanted to share with you some fun activities you can still enjoy in the rain when in Bayfield.

On rainy days we hop into the car and head straight up the farms. We buy some pre-picked fruit, and it never seems to make it into our fridge at home. Plenty of farms have a quick and easy fruit buying. Rocky Acers and Bayfield Apply Company have a stand on the side of the road that you are able to pay cash for your fruit and head back on your way. We then drive around County J enjoying the sites of all the farms and finish with a drive through town and maybe an ice cream cone if the kids can talk us into it.

We love sitting on the deck and watching the storms roll in over the lake from Seagull Bay - A Lakeside Motel. If you have stayed during a storm you know how amazing the sites are.

Pending if there is thunder and lighting do not go swimming, but if it's just summer rain... Hit the beach. Have you swum in the rain before? If not its a bucket list thing, relaxing in the rain while swimming in the biggest freshwater lake in the world. Unbelievable, and you'll have the whole beach to yourself!

Shopping! You can always run from store to store to dodge the raindrops here in town. Most of the shops are within a few blocks so it's easy to quickly go from one to another.

While your shopping pick up a book or a game to play while you slow down to watch the rainfall from your room.

Eating, we have some amazing food in our area full bellies are also a necessity for a good rainy day.

If you get rain on your trip to Bayfield do not worry, I assure you fun can still be made the rain in Bayfield.

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