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Rec Center Fun! Enjoy the Recreation and Fitness Center's Salt Water Swimming Pool!

Benefits of a Salt Water Swimming Pool

Is it like swimming in the ocean? No, salt is added to the water, but only in low concentrations. Sea water had a saline concentration of approximately 35,000 ppm. We operate with a concentration of around 5,000 ppm, or about one seventh of the ocean. Mildly saline water is more pleasant to your skin, eyes and hair than sea water.

Say goodbye to red eyes forever!

The low salt concentration, similar to that of a human tear, eliminates the eye and skin problems caused by traditional systems. Opening your eyes underwater will be a much more pleasant sensation.

Swimmers will never want to get out of the pool!

Swimming in a mild saline solution is much like taking a shower in soft water. When people swim in a chlorine-added pool, it can feel like your skin dries quicker upon exiting the pool. In a saline pool, the water feels slippery, your skin feels smooth, and many people feel refreshed.

The pool is sanitized and safe!

The pool water is disinfected by electrolyzing the water over a titanium anode. When the disinfectant does its job (breaks up organic compounds) a very small amount of chlorine compounds is formed - at less than 0.3 parts per million. These chloramines are removed by the filter and air handling systems.

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