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Take a Hike to Meyers Beach

Meyers Beach is a popular kayaking destination for tourists any time of year to view the famous Apostle Island sea caves. In this post, we will unpack some details about visiting Meyers Beach for kayaking as well as the hike overlooking the sea caves.

The Sea Caves:

As the strong Lake Superior waves break against the cliffs causing erosion, caves, and arches of all shapes and sizes are formed. The best way to experience them is by taking a kayak tour so you can get up close and personal. If you are feeling adventurous and the water is calm, you can squeeze through some of the smaller caves if you lay back onto your kayak and use your hands to pull yourself through. Most of the caves are large enough that you can venture in and out with ease.

The Hike:

Though the views of the lake through the woods at Meyers Beach are beautiful during any season. We highly recommend that you trek out in the fall when the autumn leaves are turning.

The Logistics:

Meyers Beach is located about 20 minutes outside of Bayfield. Once there, you will have to pay $5 cash to the National Park Service for a parking permit. The lot is typically full of vans with trailers loaded with kayaks so the National Park Service Rangers may direct you to park along the road.

Things to bring:

If you are kayaking, then your outfitter will likely outline proper apparel upon your reservation with them. Since you will be wearing a wetsuit, it is preferable to wear softer/ thinner bottom layers that won't be bulky or uncomfortable under a skin-tight suit. Also, try to avoid wearing cotton because it tends to stay wet and instead choose quick-dry clothing. You will be layering a PFD over the wetsuit and likely using a spray skirt to "seal" you into your kayak. Also, it's essential to apply sun protection; the sun's reflection off of the water will increase your exposure making sunscreen crucial.

The park service well maintains this hike; wooden walkways pave the trail, and sturdy steps make the steeper portions very manageable. Wearing comfortable shoes and breathable clothing would be sufficient apparel for this trek. If you plan on completing the entire hike, then bringing a water bottle and snack might be worth it as well.

Traveling with small children:

If you are traveling with younger kids, the Meyers Beach hike would possibly be a good one to try. The hike, outfitted with wooden walkways and barriers, is relatively easy for eager young explorers to traverse. Additionally, because the hike is not a loop, you can choose how long you want your adventure to last. (Note: this is a convenient feature if you have some little fair-weather hikers in your party.)


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Bayfield is always teaming with kayak guides...

Boat tours -

If you have limited mobility and are unable to hike and kayak, then perhaps a boat tour would be a good fit for you. We have included here some small charter boats that tour the sea caves; another advantage to this option is that a knowledgeable local expert guides your experience.

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