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Thankful even for 2020.

Where do we even begin? 2020 has been a trying year. A year of change, a year of unknowns, but I'd have to say the best year yet. We will fill you in on a few reasons why we're thankful for 2020.

A staff that is 100% committed feels the vision for Seagull Bay and pushes through the trying times along our side with no question. You all are the reason Seagull Bay keeps going each day.

Guests who never cease to amaze us. Each year we think about how our guests could get any better. Well, let us tell you, in 2020, they did. They were patient, understanding, supportive, and cheering us on. NONE of this would be possible without the support of our guests, who really are our family. We could never thank you enough. Keep visiting. Please keep telling us your story. That's what pushes us.

Friends and family, this summer we had more visitors than any other year! We cannot explain how amazing it is to finally show them why we moved from big city life to create this slice of paradise. Share our day-to-day operations with them and give us some excuses to take a little time off and enjoy Bayfield and our favorite lake. Lake Superior. Keep visiting. Our soul needs you.

Change. 2020 pushed us to make changes we were dreaming up but were unsure of how to implement. Touchless check and out via text, a new online store, additional cleaning regimens, and the list goes on. This quote wraps up 2020 for us perfectly. The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. - Socrates

Axel and Ridge. 2020 was especially trying on our family. Longer hours at work meant more hours spent at daycare and with family members (who we cannot thank enough as you all have also sacrificed to make our dreams come true). Sure enough, there is some true power; we see positive change through this all. Our kids have the BEST work ethic! They play "work" all day long. They now have been tagging along as we have slowed down again, and Seagull Bay like the back of their hand. They are learning numbers by room numbers. They take out garbage, grab dirty towels, and "turn up" flower boxes for the year. They love their time with mom and dad even more, not taking it for granted. In November, we did just that put down the computers, phones, and talk of work to hang out and do what they want to do at a much slower, easier pace. Someday we hope they can see they are the real reason why we took over Seagull Bay. The slower, simple life for our family. 2020 our family is stronger than ever, and we can thank you for that.

Chequamegon Bay Area. Thank you for being the beautiful area that you are. Thank you for letting our guest enjoy a little slice of it each year. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to pushing through 2020. So worth it!

At the beginning of the year, we were very uncertain about how things may go. We stayed positive, thinking and saying, "who knows, maybe this is going to be the best thing for us, and be what we needed." Well, 2020, you challenged us, changed us, you made us stronger, and we're going to look back on you for years to come with lots of stories. Thank you!

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