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Wolfsong Adventures is a Favorite Winter Adventure!

We can't even begin to tell you what a fun adventure dog sledding is. Dog sledding truly is for everyone. If you love dogs or even don't like dogs, I can assure you will have a blast. Isaac said, "I could be out here on the trail all day and night!" Let me tell you about how our adventure unfolded.

We took the short drive north of Bayfield, and we arrived at Wolfsong Adventure a little before 9:00 am on a sunny Sunday morning. We were quickly greeted with a smile by Jen Dale, the owner. We brought the kids to enjoy meeting the dogs, but we sent them home with grandma to ensure we had a safe and fun ride without them. First, Jen brought us into the little cabin to do a little paperwork, and get outfitted for the adventure. Jen assured us no one has ever been cold out on her trips. They have everything you could need from wool gloves, gigantic mittens, boot covers, and even parkas. We were lucky to have a warm day, so we mostly wore our outdoor clothing, except we opted for the wool gloves.

We then went over to meet all the dogs, and our fellow dogsledding participants. ALL the dogs were out that morning, so we were able to meet all 30 or so. It was great to meet them all and get to see the whole process unfold. Jen, JoJo, and Chris showed us how to first water the dogs. We got to hand out all the water dishes so they would be well hydrated on the trip.

Jen did a fantastic job giving us a "How to Dogsled" tutorial. With every detail, she was thorough and passionate about what she was teaching. To admit, I was a bit nervous about how this was going to go. I mean, I have never driven anything like this.

It was time to grab all the dogs and get them lined up. My mom knows I'm a bit scared of dogs, and when we got home, her first words were, " Mollie, I cannot believe you took those dogs and hooked them up!" Well, Jen told me they needed to trust me, so I was willing to do whatever it took. They were all beautiful dogs, and to be honest, I knew immediately upon arrival, they were very friendly dogs.

Finally, its time to take off! It was initially a little intimidating as we headed towards the woods, but we held on because the best was yet to come! It was a very easy-going ride, and the uncertainty of this sled I was driving quickly faded. As you can see, the look on my face showed I was thinking, "Holy cow, I'm doing it, and it's incredible!"

We stopped a few times along the trip for hills, for big curves, and big trail intersections. It couldn't have been more fun! Even the super huge hill at the beginning, easy! Seeing the beautiful scenery and hearing the silence of the Northwoods was truly a highlight. Our trip was around 7 miles long, and we were all wishing for another 7. Our biggest thank you's to Jen and Jojo for taking us on a dogsledding trip we won't forget. Bayfield in the winter now has a whole new meaning for me. We are so excited to go adventure again!

Photography by the fantastic Trisha from Xperience Photography

PS. If you're looking for adventure and want to bring a photographer along with you, Trisha is amazing. We're so lucky to have her, and you could be too, contact her today for any inquires!

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