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Working out on Vacation?

It was just a month or so before moving to Bayfield, WI, and we had heard rumors of a new gym coming to town. Sure enough, on one of our trips moving our belongings to Bayfield, we saw the sign for the gym and quickly threw on the blinker and pulled in. We luckily had a sound sleeper who wasn't even one yet in the back seat, so we had some extra time to kill. Dave, the owner, was outside when we arrived. He welcomed us with open arms, and there began a new relationship that would last a lifetime. We were eager to jump into the new community and make some new friends. Once everyone found out that we coached back in the metro at our old gym, they added a new class for us to teach. So are you wondering what this amazing little gem is? Its Gritty Fish Crossfit, right off the main street in Washburn, Wi.


"From our early days in an old auto repair shop to our new digs a block away, we are Gritty Fish Crossfit of Washburn, Wisconsin. We opened in March of 2017 and are having a blast." Says Dave, "Crossfit is a combination of constantly varied and functional movements done at high intensity. We work with people of any fitness level to safely increase your physical wellness."


Crossfit communities are the most welcoming loving crew I have ever met. We are lucky to have these new friends, and guess what so can you! They offer CrossFit, CrossFit Lite as well as TRX training &Functional Training. Something for everyone and anyone. Click Here for their class schedule. You will love it just as much as us... but just remember to have fun, that's the most important!
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